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 Makin' Boots For The Famous and Not So Famous


 We make our boots with the same standards that the lost artisans of the 1800's handcrafted their boots.

  • We don't make many boots, but with  pride   we sign and number each one.
  • Totally handcrafted boots made under the hand and guidance of  Master Bootmaker Mr. Jesus Castilos.  
  • Each pair of our boots is uniquely made standard with a one-piece top. The one-piece top was used much  of   the time in the 1800's when a special boot was to be made.  A one-piece top also makes for a much more comfortable boot due to the  removal of seams from the inside of the boot.
  • Most western boots have nails in the arch and heels; some have wooden pegs in the arch and nails in the heels and insole. The Ponder Boot is fully wooden pegged; the only nails used in our boot is to hold the heel cap.
  • Each pair of our boots is made for only one customer, from an individual pattern made only for one pair of boots. Each boot is built around a last or model of each foot which is  handcrafted   by the Master Bootmaker.
  • Each pair of our boots has a sewed  in-seat, making the boots fully  welted  yet styled and pegged in the arch. No nails are used to hold the insole or outsole to the boots.
  • We make boots for many famous and not so famous people including Beatty, Redford, Lynn Anderson, Amarillo Slim, Patrick Duffy, Governor Mark White, Meatloaf, Bette Middler and  many   more.
  • We have an open shop; you are invited to come in and visit; have a cup of coffee and watch us work.
  • For the convenience of our out of town and out of state  customers  we can measure you for boots at your home, business, retirement party, etc. at a reasonable fee.